Pay Check Stub

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It is mandatory for you as an employer of labor to give your employees a pay check stub if state law requires it. While some states require that you give check stub only to employees that have direct deposit, some others require giving it to all employees irrespective of whether they operate direct deposit or not. Obviously, it is important to note that it is a big mistake for you to write out a check and simply hand it over to your employee without the stub. This is capable of causing problem for you really fast while a free pay check stub can simply give you and your employee the confidence that they have adequate documentation for the hours worked and the wages paid.

Where an employee disputes his pay check, you both have records to refer to and cross check for mutual agreement and settlement if you give check stubs to your employees. Besides, an employee may require it for a variety of reasons in his private life which includes applying for a loan, or just to present a proof of their incomes. Think of it, your employee may not be happy with you if when he needs it- which often happens- he does not have any to tender because you have never given him any.

Any pay check stub you issue should always have your company name and address, and it must contain all the necessary information that ranges from employee information, gross income, and number of hours worked, bonus given, and all the deductions as directed by the state, federal, locality, and your company deductions for things like the loan granted employees.

You can always make your pay check stub by applying the best method you think fits your business needs and here is how you may go about it.

Use online calculator: You may use a free online calculator like the PaycheckCity to make the paystub for check purposes- the procedure is simple. Sign up for free; choose the hourly or salary calculator which will give you a printable format of each employee’s gross and net earnings once you input the wages and deductions information. This method of making pay stub for check is very easy where employee number is small.

Buy software: If you want a professional pay stub, this is the way to go. The software is sure to do everything for you; it calculates gross wages, deductions, and net pay. It has direct deposit tendency and also able to print pay check stub but it is better done on site so that you would have to hire a payroll professional.

Engage online pay check stub provider: Companies in this category will allow you to process your business payroll online. Sign up, get user ID and password with which you can log in and upload your data during each payroll period. You can have printable format of the checks and paystubs from the service provider.

Use a spread sheet: You can achieve the same results with the use of a spread sheet software or program. Feed in your company information at the top of the page, then feed in the name and pay data of employee, pay period -start and end dates, deductions expected including taxes. You can include bonus, overtime, and all benefits-retirement and medical benefits. You can even do a design that satisfies your business needs with the use of a spread sheet to do your pay check stub.