Payroll Check Stub Template

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Finding the Right Payroll Check Stub Template

Payroll check stub template is a very useful instrument to any business organisation –whether it is a small business or a large corporation- that issues a lot of checks out to its employees and to other people. This instrument is very important to a company’s human resources management because it keeps a written record of every employee’s gross earnings, net pay, and the details of each deduction that has been taken out of the employee’s gross earnings.

The instrument also offers an on-going detail record to each employee of what has been paid out to him year to date, the total deductions that have been made and for what purposes those deductions were made. It is good to keep in mind that once you have a payroll, then it makes a good business sense to also have a payroll check stub template through which you will be able to provide your employees with check stubs.

The check stub prevents employees from asking avoidable questions about the money deducted from their gross earnings weekly or monthly and for what purposes such deductions were made-all that must have been provided on the check stub for every employee to see. It also prevents them from worrying themselves about the possibility of mistakes being made in the payroll. If your employees are given pay checks without the stub, they would never know if there has been any mistake made or not.

There are many other advantages why you should adopt the use of a payroll check stub template in your business. One, consider that you frequently issue checks to other people with a check stub and those people would need to do their taxes at the end of the year, then the check stubs you have provided them with is a written record of income they have received from you which will help them to easily file their taxes accordingly. In this case, a general or generic template is what you need to use since it needs to show just the basic information of the check number, the date it was issued, the purpose it was issued for, and the total amount of money on the check. This type of template is very easy to find and use.

Payroll check stub template is, however, more complex than the generic template. The state you live in determines the deductions you would need to take out of employees’ gross earnings on a weekly or monthly basis whichever applies to you and that forms the actual template you will use for your business payroll.

Finding the right payroll check stub template is, however, very easy because all you need to do is to go on internet and find a website that offers the template for the different states or you may simply get a site that allows you to customize your own template from one of their own or from scratch. The good news is that there are many sites online that offers you this template either for free or for a token fee.